Drug testing still dope

Photo Credit: Andres Rueda

Last year, during the nadir of the NBA lockout, I wrote a series of posts arguing that anti-doping policies are misguided. To summarize briefly, I believe that a ban on Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) achieves the following:

  • Makes the competition less fair, not more
  • Has harmful health consequences, instead of improving health
  • Much like the swimsuit ban, removes potentially beneficial technology, seemingly inconsistent with the Olympic philosophy
  • Reduces the entertainment value of sport
  • Costs too much

Furthermore, like that other War on Drugs, I believe that the PED ban is futile and doomed to fail. Given my position on the subject, I can’t say that I was surprised when I read the following line on the website of the Ottawa Citizen:

Anti-doping officials revealed on Monday that, in the ongoing quest to weed drug cheats out of the London Olympics, they are shifting their focus from random testing to a more refined method. They are on the lookout for “intelligence and information.”

Why are anti-doping officials shifting their focus from drug testing to “intelligence and information”? Because their drug testing doesn’t work! So they have decided that investigating rumours and spying on athletes would be a better use of their time! Basically, here is an admission from anti-doping officials themselves that they can’t do their jobs successfully.

As I said before: we already have a cyborg participating on the Olympics. It’s only a matter of time before the ban on PEDs goes the way of Olympic Tug-of-War.

– Devin

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