All-NBA Teams: The Good the Bad and the Ugly

I thought it would be fun to give some perspective on the range of NBA players. A fun way to do this is using the All-NBA team format. I picked the best player at each position, the player closest to average at each position and the worst player at each position. Here’s a fun rundown.

The All-NBA Team

Stats from the NBA Geek

Player Pos Team G MP WP48 Wins
Chris Paul PG L.A. Clippers 60 2180 0.313 14.2
James Harden SG Oklahoma City Thunder 62 1946 0.263 10.6
LeBron James SF Miami Heat 62 2326 0.358 17.3
Kevin Love PF Minnesota Thunder 55 2145 0.226 10.1
Tyson Chandler C New York Knicks 62 2061 0.311 13.3

These players combined to win 65.5 games last season (so pretty much perfect.) We make sure to give Tyson Chandler his due, unlike other lists. The others aren’t really a surprise. I’m curious if James Harden will keep up the top shooting guard role over Dwyane Wade.

The All-Average Team

Stats from the NBA Geek

Player Pos Team G MP WP48 Wins
Louis Williams PG Philadelphia 76ers 64 1682 0.102 3.6
Jason Terry SG Dallas Mavericks 63 2000 0.099 4.1
Carmelo Anthony SF New York Knicks 55 1876 0.104 4.0
Chris Bosh PF Miami Heat 57 2007 0.106 4.4
Al Jefferson C Utah Jazz 61 2075 0.103 4.4

I’m sure I’ll get a little flack as several of these players are considered stars. I will say that Bosh and Terry have been stars in the past. This past seasons their contributions were simply average. In Melo and Jefferson’s case, I will say they are above average at taking shots but were not above average in getting the ball through the hoop.

The All-Terrible Team

Stats from the NBA Geek

Player Pos Team G MP WP48 Wins
Norris Cole  PG  Miami Heat  65  1260  -0.108  -2.8 
Jordan Crawford  SG  Washington Wizards  64  1753  -0.027  -1.0 
DeMar DeRozan  SF  Toronto Raptors  63  2206  -0.030  -1.4 
Antawn Jamison  PF  Cleveland Cavaliers  65  2151  -0.037  -1.7 
Byron Mullens  Charlotte Bobcats  65  1465  -0.084  -2.5 

This team is so bad, they’d be expected to get negative wins. As you know though, that’s impossible. So what would this mean in reality? Basically, we could expect a Nigeria blowout on a nightly basis. Antawn Jamison in the only player in the bunch that ever had an above average season and that was years ago. The only player I give any hope to is Norris Cole as he was a rookie. That said, he was a blemish on an otherwise amazing championship team that luckily benched him when the playoffs came around.

Summing up

A pretty clear indication from these teams is the difference from terrible to average versus average to great is pretty big. Some of this makes sense, as teams tend to figure out to bench bad players. Of course, there are exceptions. Hopefully this gives you a good view of the range of the NBA and possibly makes you sigh if you’re a Lakers fan.


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