The Wages of Wins Welcomes Andre Iguodala to Denver

If you’re a basketball fan that likes the stats then Basketball-Reference is probably the top site on your list (It’s a super close race between the NBA Geek and Basketball-Reference for me). Basketball-Reference gives fans a chance to support the site and cheer on their favorite player or team by Sponsoring a Page. For the past two seasons I’ve sponsored a player and this season I made my pick. It’s a not a huge surprise, but in honor of him reaching the Denver Nuggets I’ve picked Andre Iguodala!

I have been a huge fan of his forever. My initial foray into “trying to blog” were e-mails I would ship to Dr. Travis Heath (@drtravisheath), formerly of Hoopshype,¬†comparing Dre to Melo. I consider Iguodala one of the most underrated players out there and I can’t express how happy I am that he’s on the Nuggets and that the trade also took Al Harrington off our hands.

Here’s a rundown of the players I’ve picked up

2010-2011 Season – Andre Miller. My first sponsorship was a Dre. One of the best point guards in Nuggets history. I’m happy he’s still on the team (albeit for a slightly worse contract than I’d like)

2011-2012 Season – Kenneth Faried. The Manimal! I camped Basketball-Reference after his first game to make sure I got to sponsor him. He lived up to our expectations and putting him next to Iguodala is gravy.

2012-2012 Season – Andre Iguodala – He completes team Dre. He was the reason the 76ers stayed in the playoff hunt year in and year out. He got the team out of the first round this year, made an All-Star game and won a gold medal. And for that, the team shipped him out? To be fair, they did get Andrew Bynum, who was actually a good return. I can’t wait to see what he does on Denver.

Last season these three players teamed up for 22 wins (28 wins in a full season) so the Nuggets are sitting pretty. Welcome Iguodala, we’re looking forward to writing about you this season.


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