Winning Links: Everything and Nothing


The internet is a great place. It seems like new amazing sites pop up all the time. Sometimes I don’t even realize it! I wanted to make sure to share a great site that has been using the Wins Produced data is Josh Weil’s Everything and Nothing blog. I’ve been meaning to link this for a bit and while I’ve been meaning to link him, he’s kept producing great content. Here’s a brief rundown (Some preferential ordering applied…)

Wins Produced and Games Outcome – Post that got me looking. Turns out that Wins Produced lines up with how the games turn out — which is of course the model it’s built on.

The Heat Histogram – AWESOME post. That LeBron guy? He only had one below average game last season.

A Tale of Four Players – Kobe, Iggy, Melo and LeBron. Fun point, barring Bron’s rookie year, his worst has trumped Kobe’s best.

Players aren’t consistent game to game – Season to season they are. However, all players have ups and downs game to game. Starring Thabo Sefolosha.

Kobe vs. Wade? I called Kobe an all-time great even over Wade. Josh disagreed. I fully approve this post!

The End of Games – Josh gives some thoughts on why clutch shots and the end of game stick out.

The Bayesian of Wins – A call to arms! Be warned, there’s a test.

That’s tons of great content that I hope you enjoy. Josh has also given great input in the comments and on Twitter. Thanks again!


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