Wages of Wins Store!

As you can tell, I am not a T-shirt designer by vocation. I have updated the shirts to be the classic black w/ white text. We’re also asking a few of our more artistically talented friends for the next iteration. Thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it (and comparisons to Bargnani and Nick Young are great ways to get me to laugh. As long as we leave Clifford Robison or Melo comparisons off the table….)

Hey all,

Inspired by fellow basketball fan J.O. Applegate (aka @bouncex3, seriously, go check out his amazing web comic!) I’ve opened the Wages of Wins t-shirt store on Skreened.

Skreened Wages of Wins Store

Like us and want to show your fandom? Sad that the only way to do that now is to read a book? Well we’re fixing that! I’ve added two shirts to our store that I believe covers the most of the fanbase

Points are Overrated shirt. Want to show that you understand the game and realize it’s about more than points? Well now you can!

Yay Points! Want to show your love of points? Realize that scoring wins games? Well here’s the shirt for you.

We’ll see if we can add more great shirts and give you all the chance to look like super cool in time for the NBA season.


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