Where do teams get their Great Players? Al S and The Diss add even more!

I’ve been AFK most of the day, but I’m very happy with the reception to my recent post —¬†Where Do Teams Get Their Stars?

Both Al S and TheDissNBA(@TheDissNBA) put significant work into digging even deeper. I’ll admit that this post was only the start of my digging into the subject, so I was happy more than a few people wanted even more.

TheDissNBA, whose great work you can find at –http://thedissnba.blogspot.com/,¬†finally took the great data going back and forth in the comments and distilled it into a nice chart. In my original graph, I had one big category for “offseason moves”. Here’s the same data back to 2000, but now broken down for trades and free agent signings.

Now there’s more to be done on the subject. For instance, does Tim Duncan really count as being with the team as they “drafted” him? Duncan has re-signed with the Spurs several times. Devin has hit this point a few times (for instance, with top 3 picks) but rest assured, we’ll return to it.

Thanks for the great comments and I’m looking forward to more.


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