Winning Links: October 15th 2012

While this site produces lots of great content, the internet is full of even more. Here’s just a taste of some of the great content I’ve found looking around

The NBA Geek

If you don’t visit the NBA Geek daily to use the player comparison engine, you might have missed that Patrick (@nbageek) is back with a vengeance. He’s put up two killer posts.

You’re gonna be surprised: The Wolves – That Kirilenko guy? He’s pretty good. The Wolves look poised for greatness and many people, including odds makers, are underestimating them.

The Math behind Hacka-Shaq – Hey that guy can’t shoot free throws well, isn’t he a liability? Well the minds of Dean Oliver, Dave Berri and Patrick Minton have the following to say:

Any player who make more than 46.41% of his free throws should to go to the line as much as possible.

The Denver Nuggets

Andre Iguodala: Bringing Defensive “Swagger” to Denver – If you don’t read the NBA Mistress or follow her on Twitter (@Mrs__NBA) you’re missing out. There’s a ton of great content over there, but this one I particularly enjoyed.

Many of us are excited about the Nuggets next season. Any fan of Nuggets history though, has learned to be wary of trades and more critical of upcoming seasons. @Smooth_Operatah has some thoughts on why the Iguodala trade doesn’t improve Denver:


If football’s your game, then Alex Konkel at Sports Skeptic has more than you could ask for. He’s been projecting the 2013 season and here are this week’s picks.

Mosi (@mia_heat_index) has been making sure to keep track of how the Heat’s favorite NFL teams look and also has some picks for this week.

High School Basketball!

If you’re not already checking out Everything and Nothing, you should be! Josh Weil (@joshweil) has been doing great work. His most recent, using Wins Produced for High School basketball – Campolindo Men’s Basketball 2004-2005 advanced stats are finally available!

 The Eye Test

It’s no secret I’m not a fan of the eye test. This great TED Talk from Scott Fraser on eyewitness testimony helps explain why:

We all have to be very careful. All our memories are reconstructed memories. They are the product of what we originally experienced and everything that’s happened afterwards. They’re dynamic. They’re malleable. They’re volatile, and as a result, we all need to remember to be cautious, that the accuracy of our memories is not measured in how vivid they are nor how certain you are that they’re correct.


Enjoy! Also, if you think there’s a site we should be following, should be linking, etc. please let us know in the comments!


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