Wages of Wins Videocast: Welcome to Regularly Scheduled Time

Hey all. In an effort to make it easier to know when to watch out for Videocasts, I’ll be making 7:30pm MST on Sundays the regular time for the Wages of Wins Videocast.

Can a Team win Without a Superstar?

This question is flying around for the Denver Nuggets. I’d like to stress that Andre Iguodala is  a star!

A caveat though, Andre Iguodala may not keep it up.

I’d also like to stress the 2004 Detroit Pistons do not count as a “Starless team!” as Ben Wallace was a freak of nature!

Kobe vs. Smush

Alright, it was a slow news week in that a 6 year old feud between Kobe Bryant and Smush Parker surfaced:

While Smush was actually quite terrible most of his career, he was actually decent on the 2006 Lakers that Kobe Bryant brings up.

 Fantasy Basketball

Hey all. The Wages of Wins Fantasy League is full. Don’t worry, we’ll be bringing you updates as the season goes along. If you’re still interested in joining a league, XcavatorBeats is still looking for some people. Ping him in the comments or on Twitter @XcavatorBeats 

In other news, The Wages of Wins league has quite a few expansion teams this year, which means we’ll be impersonating the Charlotte Bobcats. Check out our league here


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