The Visual and Tabulated 2012 Olympics

“I don’t know anything about Angola, but I know they’re in trouble.”

–Charles Barkley, circa 1992

Is anyone interested in a a whole bunch of data and visuals from the olympics while we’re still watching d-league guys get rotation minutes?

Yes? Then you are in for a treat.

I did a lot of work in gathering the numbers for the olympics and putting them together and I thought it only fair that I shared it with the world. I worked out Win Score, converted to position adjusted win score and then to Estimated Wins per 48 ( the method is outlined here).

2012 Olympics simple

That is all the data if you wish to play with it. If you don’t here’s some fun visuals.

We start with the MVP’s.

No real surprises here. Lebron and Manu followed by Durant,Love and Paul. Hell of a starting five in any league.

The by position chart bears it out.

Let’s see it by minutes.

Darius Songalia sneaks up on the field here at number 3. Lebron is holding it down at number 2. My man crush KLove is number 1 (at the 5 not the 4, respect).

Get that out of here

Let’s end it with a look at it by team.





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