Can Happiness Improve Players?

The recent discussion with Mark Cuban has brought about the fun topic of the impact of players changing teams. Can it matter? Well Arturo decided to look at the Mavericks to see how changes may matter. Enjoy!

I went out and got the stats for all the players who’ve played at least 1000 minutes a season with the mavs (in blue) and with some other team (in red) over the last decade and taking into account the Age model evaluated whether they were worse with the mavs, better or the same :

Out of twenty nine, 19 remained about the same for about 66%. I wonder why that distribution seems familiar?

On a separate point, there is a significant body of behavioral research that suggests that when you are part of a group that is acting in a poor manner they feel absolved from blame. In this case in particular, a group of people working on a task who lose motivation, feel less responsibility for achievement of group goals, and hide their lack of effort in the group. Interpret that to mean that when you play on crappy team you feel no blame for playing in a selfish and foolish way. Once you play in a good organization, this lack of responsibility goes away. For some reason, I am reminded of how Stephon Marbury was petrified of shooting when he played for the Celtics.


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