Which Expansion Team Won the Draft?

The Win Score Fantasy League (run by Mosi Platt of the Miami Heat Index) is in full swing this year. The league jumped to 12 teams this year with four expansion teams. The league is a keeper league. This meant most of the top talent in the NBA was taken. The draft did not work like the NBA. Each player with roster space would nominate a player. Teams with cap space were allowed to bid on the player until no one else wanted them. As such, expansion teams also had to fight with existing teams with cap space. Here’s a break down of how our expansion teams shook out.

Teams are listed alphabetically by team name. Also, depth at each position is by cost of player.

Metro-North Distractions (Owner: Ari Caroline)


POS Starter Reserve Utility Bench
PG George Hill ($66) Maalik Wayns ($5)
SG Klay Thompson ($5) E’Twaun Moore ($5)
SF Al-Farouq Aminu ($40) Perry Jones ($5) Omri Casspi ($5)
PF Kosta Koufous ($77) David Lee ($50) Lavoy Allen ($5) Donata Montiejunas ($5)
C Omer Asik ($100) Jonas Valanciunas ($35) DeJuan Blair ($18) Greg Stiemsma ($5)



Nerd City Numbers (Owner: Dre Alvarez)


Pos Starter Reserve Utility Bench
PG Jason Kidd ($52) Lou Williams ($12)
SG Arron Afflalo ($19) James Jones ($5) Ryan Allen ($5 – dropped)
SF Chase Budinger ($22) Mike Miller ($5) J.R. Smith ($5) Wilson Chandler ($5)
PF Anthony Davis ($300) Zach Randolph ($78)
C Derrick Favors ($82) Cole Aldrich ($5) Boris Diaw ($5) Brook Lopez ($5)



Team Netrakanti (Owner: Vivek Netrakanti)


Pos Starter Reserve Utility Bench
PG Damian Lillard ($77) Jeff Teague ($22) Derrick Rose ($13) Ramon Sessions ($8)
SG Kyle Korver ($60) Jodie Meeks ($30)
SF Paul Pierce ($40) Danny Granger ($20)
PF Kevin Garnett ($50) Thomas Robinson ($49) Carlos Boozer ($34) Lamar Odom ($5)
C Nene ($52) Emeka Okafor ($25) Spencer Hawes ($13)



Team casimiro (Owner: Francis Casimiro)


Pos Starter Reserve Utility Bench
PG Goran Dragic ($36) Monta Ellis ($7) Jrue Holiday ($5)
SG Gordon Hayward ($70) Bradley Beal ($56) Wesley Matthews ($33)
SF Michael Kidd-Gilchrist ($42) Rudy Gay ($8) Shane Battier ($5)
PF Trevor Booker ($51) Jared Sullinger ($51) Taj Gibson ($23)
C Tyler Zeller ($15) Kevin Seraphin ($5) Matt Booner ($5)



Who won?

Before I finish, I’d like to use my national media platform to plead with Commissioner Platt (@mia_heat_index) to enforce a rule that team names can not be Team. Team Netrakanti and Team casimiro just don’t fit the spirit of fantasy basketball. Second, this was a lot of fun and we can see how salaries differ when 1. there is no cap on individual players and 2. owners use different strategies to draft. With that, who do you all think won the draft?

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