Which NBA Team Would You Pick?

Well, it would be impossible to mess up.

As Arturo has kindly let us know how the season will end, we have had time to think about bigger problems. I presented Twitter and the Wages of Wins group with the following question:

If you could take control of any franchise (current roster and salaries), which would you pick and why?

 Answers are in the order I received them.

Ari Caroline (@aricaroline)

Cleveland would be interesting with the existing core and the real potential to add Lebron.

Ben Gulker (@brgulker)

Oklahoma City. In spite of the Harden trade, they have lots of desirable assets.

Patrick Minton (@nbageek)

I’d like to take a terrible team and turn it around. It just has to be one that I can do so soonish on — i.e. I wouldn’t want a team that’s doomed like the Nets or Knicks that has huge salary and tons of un-tradable contracts/players

  • Bobcats (they have two bad contracts in Thomas and Gordon but other wise hmmm)
  • Warriors (I get to live in the bay area!)

Shawn Furyan

Where’s your sense of adventure? The New York Knicks is the correct answer to this question :)

Greg Steele

 For me, the answer is New Orleans, because it combines a challenge
(as far as i can tell, NO is upside down on most of their contracts)
with a base to build on (Anthony Davis and Ryan Anderson).’

Devin Dignam

I’d definitely go for the Bobcats, as long as I had enough control of decisions. They can only go up, and no player is untouchable. Seems like the perfect opportunity.

Arturo Galletti (artuogalletti)

Boston, Toronto (easy fix, nice city), Golden State, Brooklyn

And even in response to Patrick’s point that the Raptors just made a terrible terrible signing.

1. I don’t have to play [DeMar DeRozan].
2. I can package that with Bargs and get some takers.

I made my pick at the end of a discussion w/ Arturo and Patrick about Toronto. My original answer was the Nuggets (because I don’t want to leave Colorado) but I changed my mind.

Andres Alvarez (@nerdnumbers)

I’m changing my answer to Toronto just because:

  1. 1. Big market, despite what fools think.
  2. 2. Good players on staff.
  3. 3. Two TERRIBLE contracts that I just HAVE to find out the market value for.  (Andrea Bargnani and DeRozan)

If you get a big team in Canada,  you make bank. Lesson one, learn from Hockey and rename it something dumb like the “Toronto Canadians of Canada” (Seriously like half of
Canadian hockey teams are just synonyms for person that lives in Canada!)

I even got Dave to comment on this. He did not indulge to the degree the rest of us did and stayed close to economist roots.

Dave Berri

Really why pick? I think we can fix any team. But if I have to pick then I go with the one that asks me and pays me a bunch of money (and then leaves me alone)

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This was a bunch of fun and we got some good answers. Any names we left out?


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