Videocast Double Header!

Hey all,

We’ll be having not one but two Videocasts today! If you have questions and are on Twitter, use #wagesofwins and we may discuss your question or comment.

Stephen Walters Talks the World Series (5:00 PM EST)

A few months back Jeremy Britton went to the Western Economics Association. We invited all of the esteemed economists a spot on the podcast. Steve gets pretty busy through October, but agreed to be on the podcast when things settled down. He’ll be discussing his paper:

Is America’s National Pastime too time consuming?
John D. Burger,  Stephen J.K. Walters

This will be Steve and my first time videocasting so there may be some technical difficulties but we’ll be aiming to start around 5PM EST.

Josh Weil Talks Players and Chance (9:30 PM EST)

Enjoy a sneak preview of some of what we’ll be discussing!

Josh, from Everything and Nothing will be on to discuss, well everything and nothing. We plan to hit player positions (see above), Karl’s terrible lineup analysis and it’s likely we’ll talk James Harden’s beard a little too.

That’ll be happening at our regularly scheduled time of 9:30 PM EST.

Looking forward to them. Hope to see you there!