Why I Still Don’t Like George Karl

Last season Patrick Minton, aka the NBA Geek, made a decision chart explaining Karl’s stupid decisions in regards to his potential rookie of the year:¬†Kenneth Faried.

I’ve updated it slightly. This season many of us were high on the Nuggets. This includes John Hollinger, who we’ve disagreed with on occasion. Hollinger¬†explicitly lists Kenneth Faried as a driving factor in his decision.

Tonight the Nuggets got a much needed win against Detroit. In fact, it was a trouncing. Kenneth Faried after a rocky start, has bounced back. In his last two games he’s taken ten or more shots and connected on 70% or more. He’s pulled down 20 rebounds in his last two games. Inexplicably, he played a mere 23 minutes last night.

George Karl has decided that bench dregs Corey Brewer and Wilson Chandler deserve to be in the game. Kenneth Faried and JaVale McGee, who are the franchise’s future, have been relegated to playing few minutes. This is utterly baffling. Even though the Nuggets did destroy the Pistons, we can note that Karl left starters Ty Lawson, Andre Iguodala, Danilo Gallinari and Kosta Koufos in to finish the game. — Game flow via Popcorn Machine

In fact, there’s only one game that Faried played significant time. That game was against the Heat, where Wilson Chandler was benched and Faried and McGee actually got decent playing time. And in that game, the Nuggets managed to go toe to toe with the Heat on their home court before falling to the ice cold hands of Ray Allen.

Here are the facts.

  • By conventional wisdom, Faried is a star. He placed third in Rookie of the Year voting, despite finishing 11th in minutes per game among rookies that garnered a vote.
  • By advanced stats, he is a star. Wins Produced, Win Shares, PER all say Faried is great.
  • George Karl has only played Faried starters minutes in one game out of four so far this season.

The Nuggets drafted Faried in the first round. The Nuggets paid McGee top dollar to stay in town. And yet, George Karl is treating them on the same level as Brewer and Chandler. I’ve been appealing to George Karl for years to figure things out. Clearly he is not going to. All I can hope is that someone in the Nuggets front office can either get through to Karl or show him the door. The Nuggets have a strong team and I’m confused why Karl refuses to let it on the floor.


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