What Happens when the Wages of Wins goes to a Game?

Jeremy Britton and myself attended a friendly game this weekend. Facing off were my Denver Nuggets vs. Jeremy’s Golden State Warriors. Things started well. The mobile tickets I had purchased turned out to be for the November 29th game and not the game tonight. Jeremy agreed to take them off my hands and luckily (shame on you Golden State fans!) there were still good seats available. Kudos to the ticket counter employee who slyly tried to up-sell us by $200 dollars a ticket (we politely declined)

Things were off to a good start. I got to meet one of the voices of the Denver Nuggets, Scott Hastings (who also promised to follow me on Twitter, I’ll hold @ScottHastings to that!)

Then I tried to get Andre Iguodala‘s attention as he practiced shooting. The fun part of this? I missed Masai Ujiri walk by. Jeremy claims he clearly remembered me from Sloan. I managed to wave to him briefly as he walked away. Jeremy managed to get most of this in pictorial form.

The game went cordially enough to start. At half time Jeremy managed to run into the Warriors General Manager Bob Meyers, who I recognized from the photo on Jeremy’s recent post about him.

Yogi and Boo-boo

We made sure to at least get proof we were in the same location together

Jeremy woke up a bit after seeing Bob.

Things got a bit tense as the game got close. Here’s how Jeremy was looking during one of the many moments near the end of the game when the Warriors went up.

We had a few twitter exchanges on the subject.

In the end the Nuggets pulled out a thrilled double overtime victory despite being double five points with two minutes to go. All I can say is that when two Wages of Wins members go to a game together, make sure to be the one with Kenneth Faried on your team.


My one regret is I forgot my Andre Iguodala jersey, which I wear on every Wages of Wins Videocast at home. Next time I see the Nuggets on the road I’ll have to make sure I bring it.

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