Wages of Wins Videocast: Fire George Karl

If you don’t want the video and just want the audio, we’ve got you covered!

Patrick Minton (@nbageek) from the NBA Geek graciously hopped on despite my lack of preparation. We kicked Royce White off the list but discussed the Dallas Mavericks, NBA Rookies and how terrible League Pass is. Enjoy!

Another week, another videocast! I may or may not be going solo, but as I have promised, we will have a videocast every week at 7:30 pm MST. The topics I’ll be going over.

George Karl, George Karl, George Karl!!

As I explained, I got to watch George Karl’s “brilliance” first hand and I argue it cost us a game. The Nuggets have other problems I’ll be going over but the simple fact is George Karl’s bad coaching is the biggest road block to the Nuggets’ success.

Royce White and Valuing Players

The hope was Royce White would be able to overcome his anxiety and contribute to a young Rockets team. That isn’t happening. But should we give up on him already?

Kobe Bryant?

As Patrick Minton notes, the Lakers are playing terribly but it has nothing to do with Kobe. Irony, yes?

James Harden, Russell Westbrook and Ty Lawson

A bunch to discuss here. We’ll see if I can go over it all.

Enjoy and as always, you can watch live and leave comments or Tweet to #wagesofwins and we might answer!


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