Trivia Post: Misses and Turnovers

I’m a pretty big basketball trivia nut. Today has been a fun day for some dubious honors.

Taking Shots

At the NBA Geek, Patrick decided to look for players that had seasons where they had more shots than points. Given that each basket counts for 2+ points and players also get free throws, this is an impressive feat. I’ll let you read the whole article, with a sneak peak of the top names on the list, which bring back painful memories for Nuggets’ fans.

Via the Bad Shots Hall of Shame, players with most shots in a season with fewer points than shots. Minimum 1000 minutes

Player Season Points Shots Points Per Shot
Nikoloz Tskitishvili 2002-03 315 393 0.80
Anthony Carter 2001-02 198 260 0.76
Speedy Claxton 2006-07 221 278 0.79

Astute commenter Adam Tarr, decided to look for players that managed to have whole careers with this feat. It turns out if we look for long careers (500+ games) during the three point era (thanks Dan Filowitz for the clarification!) only four names show up.

Via Basketball-Reference and Adam Tarr

Player Career Games Points Shots
Manute Bol 1986-1995 624 1599 1635
 Anthony Carter 2000-2012  623 3009 3043
 Joe Wolf 1988-1999 592 2485 2523
 Elston Turner 1982-1989 505  2397  2429

Anthony Carter shows up on this list too! For shame Nuggets! And if Carter can manage to sign with a team for two more games, he could take the all time career length for such a feat (unless he managed to score +44 points to shots in those games)

Scoring Points and Turning the Ball Over

On Twitter, Joe Lindell noticed something strange about Kobe’s game last night, which for the record was a below average performance.

Joe also did some digging into how often players turn the ball over 10+ times, turns out that while scoring 40+ at the same time is rare, that players, turning the ball over a lot was much more common at the end of the 80s.

There you go, more trivia to bring to the bar! Enjoy


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