Wages of Wins Videocast – Spurs

Spurs expert E.J. Fischer(@glorioushubris) joins to talk about the San Antonio Spurs, their fine and the franchise in general.

If the Videocast isn’t your thing, you can get the audio-only version of the show in a few ways:

Show Notes

Checkout E.J’s blog for a good cited source on what plagiarism is!

Adam Reisinger (@AdamReisinger) may be the perfect demographic for sports nerds also interested in geeky comic references (Mosi’s up there too.) And apologies, I’m sure I slaughtered your name Adam!

Kevin Love with the Wolves was the best player with worst support. We bring up that David Robinson + Dennis Rodman in San Antonio was probably the best tandem with the worst support of all time.

The St. Louis Spirit owners earned a deal that requires the former ABA Teams (Brooklyn Nets, Denver Nuggets, Indiana Pacers, San Antonio Spurs) to pay 1/7 of their TV revenue in perpetuity. As of 2008 this was worth $186 million and will run through at least 2015. In 1982 the NBA could have bought this out for $8 million dollars paid out over 5 years. Whoops! (Information from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spirits_of_St._Louis)

E.J. says the Spurs do terrible acting in local commercials. I don’t know what he’s talking about. This acting is awesome!

E.J. points out that Tim Duncan with the right ad campaign is easily marketable. The results speak for themselves.

Complete Tangent: I recently purchased (it’s in the mail) a signed Impulse trade paperback by Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo. And yes, I do completely choke in fear of missaying Mike Wieringo’s name, despite the fact I mistake at least 2-3 names a podcast, including later Kawhi Leonard. And yes, I do compare buying a comic to buying an NBA team. Similar right?

Yahoo’s recent article on Stern’s contempt of the Spurs smacks of former beat writer Johnny Ludden.

We’re big Nate Silver fans around here and the Signal and the Noise is a good read. That said, his work on basketball stats has left a few of us lacking.

Yes, it takes us 30 minutes to finally get to the topic but we do finally address the Spurs and the David Stern fine!

Tangent: Before the broadcast I was telling E.J. that I remembered an Earl Boykins last second shot that counted as 2 but should have been 3 that cost us a playoffs game. I can find no evidence this game exists. Sorry for the confusion.

Joe Applegate (@bouncex3) of the fantastic basketball web comic BounceX3 had some thoughts on the Spurs fine issue. In a completely unexpected display of restraint on the internet, he opted out. We applaud Joe for being a class act and both E.J. and I are looking forward to a podcast where we can just discuss comics.

Henry Abbott (@TrueHoop) commented that less rest greatly increases chances of injury.

The great Popovich quote I read is from the excellent blog: NBA Mistress.

Here’s E.J.’s bi-weekly chart from last year about how the Spurs marched into the playoffs.

Ty Willinghanz at Courtside Analyst mentioned to me that “My understanding is that *almost* every legal challenge to the “best interests” powers of the various sports commissioners has failed”, I did read up a little on it in this fun legal paper by Michael R. Wilson – Why So Stern: The Growing Power of the NBA Commisioner

E.J. threw me a curveball asking about why the MLB players’ union has done so much better negotiating than the NBA’s. I’m currently reading The Power of Habbit, and my off the cuff answer was “small wins.” Basically small successes build. The MLB won earlier labor fights while the NBA did not, which may have helped lead to the MLB fighting more as the years went on.


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