2013 MVP Race Part 1: Kevin Durant and the Missing Trophy

Nice and simple. No fuzz. No muss.

It really has been too long since I’ve done a quick and short analysis post. We can fix this. Let’s talk about the 2012-13 NBA MVP race . All numbers are care of the NBA Geek.

Now, we have talked about the MVP trophy race recently. That as both Dean Oliver and Dave Berri note goes to the top scorer on a winning team. A simple algorithm for this idea produces the following list.

Melo is definitely in the pole position right now with Durant and Kobe nipping at his heels and the defending champ Lebron at fourth. Westbrook is going to hurt Durant chances by drawing votes from him. Kobe needs the Lakers to pull out of their tailspin because the writers are itching to give him another MVP award. Lebron might end up deserving it but I don’t think he wins it barring a major Heat run to something like 65 wins.

The MVP is really Melo’s to lose with Kobe being the most likely spoiler.

We of course know that he won’t deserve it though. Let’s talk about actual productivity.

I thought that the Thunder would really miss James Harden. I didn’t count on Kevin Durant officially arriving as possibly the best player in the league. Varejeao at number two is also a big surprise. Jason Kidd is apparently a witch, getting in at number three despite his age and somehow managing to get Carmelo Anthony to play unselfishly. Tyson is also a very familiar face at the top of this list. Who’d have thunk that you could win in the NBA with Jason Kidd and Tyson Chandler (right Mavs fans)?

Preseason WOW favorite Andrei Kirilenko sits at number 5. Previous WOW most valuable players are next with Chris Paul at 6, surprising vet is Tim Duncan at number 7 lending credence to my belief that careers are getting longer, defending champ Lebron at 9. Zach Randolph and Kenneth Faried round out our top 10.

Kevin Durant may be just about to experience what seems like a rite of passage for the best players in the game: getting robbed of an MVP trophy.

As a final bonus, here’s all the players listed by teams:



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