Videocast – Starring BounceX3

For those that prefer the audio only variety:

Another week, another videocast. This week we have on the amazingly talented J.O. Applegate of the best webcomic on the planet – BounceX3! Of course we’re fans of any comments where the Wages of Wins sneaks in (see here and here)

Check it out for more hilarity like this!

We’ll be talking his comic and all things NBA. So check it out!

Joe has been making the media rounds this week. Check out this excellent interview over at Hardwood Paroxysm.

Here are all the comics we mention, in reverse chronological order (I think, let me know if I miss any!).

Also, as Joe mentions, he does sell T-Shirts from his site, which go to support his daughter’s college fund. Can you think of a better gift this holiday season?

Contest Update

Last season we had a contest for one of Joe’s amazing t-shirts. In the end Matt Bailey from Hoopism won, narrowly beating out Matt from the Sports Geeks. I’d like to do another contest this year involving advanced stats but one that doesn’t take months to resolve. So if you have any suggestions. I’d love to hear them!