Links Explaining the Mavericks


The Mavericks are the only team with an owner — who I incidentally have an open question for on Quora — to grace the comments section of the Wages of Wins. Given that just a few seasons ago they had a team that was stacked with Wins Produced all-time greats, we usually pay a little extra attention to them.

This season a particular story that we had interest in was picking up Chris Kaman. Josh Weil decided to take a look at how Kaman has been performing in Dallas recently. The takeaway? Kaman had a good start but has fallen off a bit recently. Enjoy this fun chart!

Kaman STD WP48


Patrick Minton also commented on O.J. Mayo over at the NBA Geek. It’s a bit complicated. Currently, O.J. Mayo is a most improved player candidate. There’s a slight issue, the only thing Mayo has improved is his three point shooting. And the problem is that the rate he’s shooting at doesn’t appear sustainable. So we may see another similar chart as the season goes on for Mayo. Or maybe not, Mayo is younger and shooting is one of the harder things to predict in the NBA. I wouldn’t bet on it though.


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