NBA 2012-13 Season Visualization to date

Data is not information, information is not knowledge, knowledge is not understanding, understanding is not wisdom.
-Clifford Stoll

The amount of freely available data about the NBA is fairly incredible. We can pretty much get any stat that you need, on demand . If you can’t, don’t worry, someone is working on it.

For example, I believe we have done an excellent job at proving ready access to our own metrics in an easy and friendly format over at our sister site The NBA Geek. We are of course working on more as we speak.

The trick with data is that it doesn’t always mean anything by itself. More often than not, someone needs to come in and ask the right question and interpret the data properly to start the process of turning it wisdom. Hopefully, this is where we come in.

The question is what has gone on in the NBA season. My answer is a nice visualization that tries to illustrate just that in a way that makes intrinsic sense to me. What’s in it?

Throw that all in, cut it up into two week segments and identify each team’s MVP for the period and all sorts of interesting stuff comes out.

Season Visualization

Some thoughts by team in alphabetical order:

  1. Hawks have been led by Horford and Korver but have not had a consistent third guy. They have guys with that potential taking turns.
  2. Celtics have been the Big One (Rondo) and brief cameos by Pierce and KG.
  3. Brooklyn has had a consistent performer in Reggie Evans but hasn’t had anyone else really emerge.
  4. Charlotte: Fear for Michael Kidd Gilchrist.
  5. Joakim Noah has been proving me right for the Bulls combined with the typical good performance from Deng, two headed production at the four from Taj and Boozer. The guard play other than Jimmy Butler has not been good (Nate and Marco Belinelli??? for serious??).
  6. Varejao is wasted on the Cavs. Tristan Thompson might be good.
  7. If Shawn Marion is your best guy, you are not a playoff team Dallas. I do suspect that that is the plan. Oh and Brandan Wright should get some run, unless of course you’re playing for ping pong balls.
  8. I really have to defer to Patrick’s monologue on George Karl and Masai from yesterday. Denver has some good bigs (Faried, McGee, Koufos) who will unaccountably be riding the pine at the wrong time.
  9. I really need to figure out how we whiffed on Drummond. It was probably his age. Pistons fans have a center for the future(literally, because they refuse to play him now).
  10. Golden State finally has the David Lee they thought they signed. Throw in Curry and a feisty Landry and this team isn’t going anywhere barring some sort of bad trade.
  11. I guess Harden actually is a franchise player and Omer Asik is worth all that money. Good job by Morey and Houston. They didn’t just win the offseason, they destroyed it. Throw in youth and cost and this team is in fantastic shape for the next five years.
  12. Indiana has been a combo of George Hill, Paul George and David West. Good regular season team but I just don’t see it for the playoffs against the big boys.
  13. Chris Paul is awesome and only playing 33 minutes a night. The Clippers bench is deep particularly with Barnes and Odom just killing. The Clippers are also tall. This team is a legit contender.
  14. The Lakers big four, other than Pau, has been good this year when they’ve gotten on the court. Even MWP has been good. So, what is the problem? The Lakers bench stinks. If only they had bench guys like the Barnes and Odom.
  15. If the Grizzlies can somehow flip Rudy Gay for Jared Dudley, the west playoffs will be insane.
  16. Lebron is the Greatest but the Heat are too small.
  17. Buck fans, It’s time for the Larry Sanders Show!
  18. If this Twolves lineup actually ever gets healthy…
  19. Austin Rivers is so bad. The rest of the lineup is so banged up and their schedule is so rough. Poor New Orleans can at least look forward to actually having a football coach next year.
  20. Kidd and Chandler, looking to defend their title a little later than usual.
  21. Kevin Durant wants to be the greatest. Will Russell Westbroook let him?
  22. How does Orlando keep finding Centers?
  23. The Sixers are kinda doing it with mirrors.
  24. Seriously, if the Suns trade Dudley and or Gortat and roll out Beasley and Gay their fans should sue.
  25. Portland has something interesting with Batum, Hickson and Lillard. Not much depth and their schedule is about to get ugly.
  26. Demarcus Cousins has the skills of a franchise center. I don’t think he can realize his potential in Sacramento.
  27. The Spurs are so good and so deep. Will their legs hold up in a non-compressed schedule?
  28. For Raptors fans’ sake, I hope Bargs is traded. He is the Bizarro MVP.
  29. Paul Millsap is good and I don’t get Utah’s rotation. Trade parts for an upgrade.
  30. It’s going to be interesting to see the actual Wizards lineup once Wall is back.





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