Predict the Future for a Good Cause

Chris Yeh is a great friend and contributor to the Wages of Wins blog. He’ll be participating in Cycle for Survival, which goes to fund cancer research. We’re fully behind this. I’ll be copying Chris’ words from his own blog at Adventures in Capitalism. Don’t go away though, I’ll be announcing a contest at the end of this post to help out even more!

Chris Yeh on Cycling for a Cure

Last year, I rode in Cycle for Survival, and helped raise over $15 million for cancer. You guys helped by donating over $2,000. This year, it’s even more personal. As you know, I lost my beloved dog Kobe to cancer last Fall.

Meanwhile, my friend David Weekly lost his mother, and his brother is now fighting brain cancer.  My friend Don underwent surgery and chemo, and is currently in remission.

Cancer is a devastating disease that will eventually impact all of us, either directly, or via our family and friends.  It’s a fight we all need to take on.

I’ll make the same offer that I did last year–everyone who visits my Cycle for Survival page and donates gets some of my time:

$20 Donation: I will answer any one email you send me
$50 Donation: I will have a 20-minute telephone conversation with you
$100 Donation: I will meet you in person at my office (San Mateo, CA) or in Palo Alto
$500 Donation: I will take you out to a leisurely lunch (Peninsula only)

All proceeds go to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (all expenses for the fundraiser are covered by donations), and are 100% tax deductible.

Just visit my Cycle for Survival page and donate. The website will send me your contact information, and I’ll email you to schedule your appointment.

If you’ve ever lost someone to cancer, it’s time to fight back.

UPDATE: Through Friday, 1/18, all donations will be matched, which means you’ll effectively double your contribution!

There’s More!

We should stress that we here at the Wages of Wins blog are huge fans of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Another one of our amazing contributors, Ari Caroline, is Director of Quantitative Analysis and Strategic Initiatives there. And here was what Ari had to say about initiatives like Cycle for Survival:

People like Chris allow me and my team to do what we do.  A lot of academic hospitals, even those with strong missions, can’t afford to do anything novel because they are so cash-strapped that all they can think of is the bottom line. Our philanthropy-based endowment allows us to always put the mission first and do the kind of novel analysis that my team does.

Contest for a Cure

As Chris mentions, this is a subject that strikes home for a lot of us. Chris lost his dog Kobe (this blog post on it will tug on your heart strings) and recently my wife’s mother was diagnosed with liver cancer. I want to make sure we help out. Here’s the deal. Chris is already offering great incentives to donate (he is seriously undervaluing his time!) and not only that, through Friday your donation is matched. I’m going to up the stakes. Here’s how.

  • Donate to Chris’ Cyle for Surival page.
  • In the comments put a guess for which player will have the largest Points over Par game and which game. This can be for any game that hasn’t started as of when you donate.
  • Guess for any player + game on January 16th, January 17th or January 18th
  • First guess for a player wins, I’ll alert you if someone “beat” you to the punch on a guess and you can guess another player.
  • I’ll upgrade the winner to the next tier on donations. So less than $20 -> $20, $20 -> $50, $50->$100, $100->$500 and I’ll match your donation if you donate $500.
  • And guess what, even if you don’t win, you still qualify at whatever level you donate at!
  • Not all of you live in the Bay Area, Chris can easily VC and even order you dinner if you hit the max donation.
  • Don’t forget, all donations by Friday are automatically matched!

On Chris’ page his goal is $500, and his team’s goal is $15,000. Let’s turn Chris into the LeBron of his team and utterly blow those marks out of the water!

Even More?

Ari Caroline decided to add even more to this contest! Here’s his offer:

I’ll make my prediction which you won’t share with the others and I’ll offer two side bets.

  1. No one else chooses the same player/game that I do.
  2. My player/game ends up being one of the top 15 performances (minimum of 15 minutes played) over the three days.

I’ll add $50 of my own for each of those two bets that turns out to be wrong.

Anyone think they can think of who Ari is thinking of, or if he’ll actually play well?


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