Predict the Future Contest to Fight Cancer: Update and Cheat Sheet


Chris’ Cycle for Survival Donation Page

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First, you all rock. Chris had a goal of raising $500 dollars for his team in Cycle for Survival, which funds cancer research for Memorial Sloan-Kettering (Where the amazing Ari Caroline is Director of Quantitative Analysis) and he’s now at $660!

This puts Chris as second place on his team, which makes him the Kobe of his team. I’d love to see him upgraded to Shaq. What’s more Chris is also offering his time to those that donate, which is a major bargain.

There’s still time to enter our contest. Here’s how it works, if you donate to Chris’ Cycle for Survival Page then as a thank you, Chris will give you some of his time (He’s a Venture Capitalist in Silicone Valley with years of experience in the tech field) We’re making the deal even sweeter. After you donate, guess the player that you think will perform the best either tonight or tomorrow (we’re using the Points over Par metric). If you win, we’ll up your donation to the next tier, which helps fight Cancer, is matched by Chris’ team and gives you even more of Chris’ time! I’d love Chris to be too busy to do anything in the next month. You all can help!

Cheat Sheet!

To incentivize those of you on the fence, I thought I’d share some Points over Par stats to help encourage you to guess.

Paul Pierce has the season’s top PoP game at +24.4, this happened on December 19th against Cleveland.

Andrea Bargnani has the season’s worst PoP game at -18.6, this happened on November 25th against San Antonio.

Here’s a list of players with multiple games in the top 100 for PoP this season (unless noted, the total number of games is 2)

The teams that have had the most top 100 PoP games against them are:

  • Sacramento (9)
  • Dallas (9)
  • Phoenix (6)
  • Detroit (6)
  • New Orleans (5)
  • Minnesota (5)
  • Atlanta (5)

The teams that have given up the fewest PoP games are:

  • Los Angeles Lakers (0)
  • Milwaukee (0)
  • Oklahoma City (0)
  • Chicago (1)
  • Los Angeles Clippers (1)
  • Utah Jazz (1)

The most recent top 100 PoP game was Bradley Beal against Sacramento on January 16th with +12.7

The lowest PoP game in the top 100 is Joie Meeks with +11.7 against Denver on November 30th. It should also be noted he has the lowest minutes played in the top 100 with 17.

Kevin’s Guess

Thanks to Kevin Arnovitz (@kevinarnovitz) at TrueHoop for putting this contest in the Thursday Bullets. Kevin’s guess was Earl Clark! A bold choice as the Lakers will be playing Miami tonight. Kevin may know what he’s doing though. Earl Clark put up star level performances in his last two games and put up an amazing +10.8 PoP against San Antonio last week. We’ll see how his “sleeper pick” does!

Thanks so much for your support!


p.s. Some of you may wonder why I picked a Kobe Bryant image for today’s post. First, Chris is honoring his dog, who he lost to cancer. His dog was named Kobe. Second, Chris is doing great but is the second top player on his team, like Kobe was during the Laker championship days! Finally, no one has picked Kobe…

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