Karl Watch: January 18th vs. Washington Wizards


Ok, I may as well embrace it and make this a normal thing. I’ve done a few posts on Karl’s poor lineup decisions. I even joked on the last podcast I might do it more regularly. Well after tonight, I’ve decided I’ll do just that. So sit back and enjoy. Thanks to Popcorn Machine, I’ll do a quick recap after Nuggets games (I’ll try and do every one but I can’t promise anything) and focus on Karl’s questionable lineup decision.

Tonight’s Karl Watch is brought to you by Andre Miller, Corey Brewer and Wilson Chandler. If this were Jeopardy the answer we’d be looking for is “Who are three players that should never be on the floor together, let alone when Ty Lawson is out there too?”

Some quick background (stats courtesy of the NBA Geek):

  • Kenneth Faried – Great, plays a big position
  • Kosta Koufos – Great, plays a big position
  • JaVale McGee – Good, plays a big position
  • Andre Miller – Good, plays a small position
  • Andre Iguodala – Good, plays a small position
  • Danilo Gallinari – Ok, plays  a medium position
  • Ty Lawson – Bad (this season, good in past), plays a small position
  • Corey Brewer – Bad, plays a small position
  • Wilson Chandler – Terrible, plays a medium position

I’ve nicely ordered the Nuggets by order of skill and size with the best options being at the top. Enjoy!

January 18th Game Flow via Popcorn Machine

George KarlThis does not bode well for the future. George Karl is using the Andre Miller, Corey Brewer and Wilson Chandler lineup a lot. At least he puts them in with JaVale McGee. But he’s also put them out there with Ty Lawson. This means he’s playing two guards, two guard forwards and one center. And while he’s doing this he’s leaving 2-3 of his best players on the bench. Really? This is a strategy?

Karl has a situation some coaches would kill for. He has two really good bigs in Kenneth Faried and Kosta Koufos. And he has a good seven footer coming off the bench. And yet, these players all saw less playing time than Corey Brewer!! And it should be noted that a major loss in this game was rebounding. The Wizards won the rebounding battle 45-34!

Now, as always, it’s not all George Karl’s fault. The Wizards shot really well. And the Nuggets, despite getting 31 free throws, only hit 16 of them. But again, this is my constant point about a coach. Random stuff will happen in a game. A good coach is one that maximizes your chance for success. A coach that benches tall good players and decides to play three guard-forwards (two of which are terrible) instead…well I don’t know what you call that. At least, I don’t know what to call that on a blog that’s trying to keep a PG rating.



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