Karl Watch: January 20th 2013 vs. the Thunder


Wow, talk about must win! After a blowout (to be fair, it was a back to back away) and a disappointing loss at home to Washington (full details here) the Nuggets got an overtime victory against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Let’s examine the aftermath of the game to see how much we should thank George Karl.

A quick reminder.

George  Karl Janury 20th 2013Well, Karl was a bit better than normal. To start the 1st and third quarter, he actually played good lineups and kept a center in the game! He is still bafflingly in love with rolling out Andre Miller, Corey Brewer and Wilson Chandler together. He wisely chose to keep Kenneth Faried in to close out the game (he played over 40 minutes and almost played average starting minutes!) Karl made a questionable call to play Brewer a lot and bench Iguodala. It should be noted that Iguodala played well in his limited time on the court. Yes, Brewer shot very well, but his averages put him as a below average shooter. It’s hard to credit a bad choice, just because it worked out.

Now, I’m gonna break this down. We lucked out. Wilson Chandler and Corey Brewer combining for 19 points on 8 shots in the fourth? Not gonna happen regularly. And happening against the Thunder? Hoo boy! Karl did some things better. He trusted his starting lineup and Faried more. It did look like he tried to play Koufos more, but sadly he was hit with foul trouble repeatedly. Karl still doesn’t trust McGee enough and oh man, he’s in love with Miller + Brewer + Chandler.

This game Karl went from an F coach to like a D+/C-. Tack on some luck and that can actually show you what the Nuggets are capable of. Sadly, with Karl at the helm and luck a limited commodity, I won’t stay optimistic.


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