Karl Watch: January 23rd at Houston

mehMy examination of George Karl’s abilities as a coach continues. Now, it’s much easier to be happy when the Nuggets win. That said, Karl isn’t off the hook.



I’ll be honest, it’s way easy for me to draw more lines and add more notes. I thought I’d focus on a few major things though:

Karl is treating Wilson Chandler and Kenneth Faried as interchangeable


This is a little frightening. The return of Wilson Chandler has resulted in a dip in minutes for Faried. Tonight, when Faried went out, Chandler came in. Now, Chandler did play well tonight. But examining histories, Faried has historically been a beast and Chandler has traditionally sucked! Chandler may also be able to hit from three. Examining his shot chart though he took 5 shots from the paint, 6 from midrange and 3 from deep. If he’s going to be a three point threat, he needs to shoot from three! If Karl keeps up this rotation, it will hurt the Nuggets.

Karl almost believes in centers…almost


Oddly, Karl kept either McGee or Koufos in the game the entire first three quarters. And this is a key because he freaking loves small ball! Karl still loves Miller, Brewer, Chandler as a unit. Except, Karl seems to think the fourth quarter doesn’t count. Why does Karl hate using centers in the fourth?

I’m happy for you Chandler, but…


I’m a strange person to watch basketball with. I don’t get as excited with outcomes. I am not happy with Chandler playing. As I noted, yes he had a good game. Did he do it by shooting well? Well…kinda. Yes, his shots went in, but no he didn’t have a great selection. Hoping mediocre and bad players will play well is not a good idea for success. And this is especially true when playing them comes at the expense of playing one of the best power forwards in the league.

Summing up

Happy we won, happy Karl played his centers more, still terrified by his lineups and baffled by his snubbing of Faried.



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