Karl Watch – January 30th vs. Houston Rockets

WTF?I’m a crazy Nuggets fan. I admit it. You’ll find very few people that come away from a win against a playoff team out west upset. That is, unless you come to this blog. This was a terrible coaching game. Let’s review!

Karl Watch - January 31stKarl loves two things. The first is playing “small ball”, which is an insane strategy. The second is treating Wilson Chandler like a big. As I’ve mentioned, he replaces Faried regularly. Karl upped the insanity this game. With McGee out, Karl has started replacing his center with Chandler. I just don’t know what to say.

In the fourth, Karl went with his normal strategy of playing no center. Two things bailed him out. The first is that Faried is an insane rebounder. He was able to pull down 6 boards on his own. The next was Gallinari. He managed to get 12 points on a ridiculous 88% True Shooting. Lawson also chipped in 7 points on 72% True Shooting. It’s worth noting that at their peaks, these players are 60% True Shooting. They played out of their mind. The Nuggets win had nothing to do with coaching. It had everything to do with luck.

Non-Karl Notes

Chandler, Brewer, Miller

Chandler and Brewer combined for 5-17! Chandler did actually rebound at the rate of a power forward. Except, he did everything else much worse than an average power forward. Why Karl is so in love with this players is beyond me (ok fine, some Karl notes!)

Iguodala is really forcing it. Man 7 three pointers? 4-6 from the line? He’s better than this. The sad part is, he’s trying to be a player he’s not. Of course, he’s up for a contract soon and shooting gets you paid.

Despite a good 4th, Lawson’s shooting is still all over the place. I keep hoping it will show up.

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