Dave Berri talks Paying College Athletes, the Lakers, and many other topics in sports economics

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Today at 2pm EST I am scheduled to appear on The Hays Advantage. Click Here to tune in!  This means I will be talking with Kathleen Hays (@Kathleen_Hays) and Vonnie Quinn (@VonnieQuinn) on Bloomberg Radio.  Potential topics for our conversation include

  • the economics of the Super Bowl
  • the impact of the NHL lockout
  • the clear winner in the last labor dispute in the NBA (the returns are in!)
  • how much should NCAA athletes be paid
  • what’s wrong with the Lakers

We may get to some or all of this (or something else entirely).  But we are planning on discussing sports and economics for 30 minutes; and if you click the link above you can listen on-line.

The Lakers

NBA: Preseason-Golden State Warriors at Los Angeles Lakers

Why are the Lakers struggling? Andres Alvarez offered an answer in this forum a few days ago. And yesterday, this story appeared at the Atlantic.com: The Real Reason the Lakers Are Doing So Poorly: Age

The story at the Atlantic – written by Jason Turbow — is similar to the story told at the WoW Journal.  And that is because both stories are based on the numbers (specifically, Wins Produced).  Jason’s last sentence captures the basic issues with the Lakers:

It may be obvious even without the stats, but the numbers prove that the Lakers’ slide is not about chemistry, attitude or coaching. They are old, and they are thin, and that is a lot for any team to overcome.

Paying college athletes


Jason’s story appeared at 10am EST on Wednesday.  A few hours later – at 2:44pm EST – the following story also appeared at the Atlantic.

The NCAA vs. Student Athletes: The End of the ‘the Best Business Model in the World’?

This story – looking at whether NCAA athletes should receive some of the NCAA’s immense broadcasting revenue — was written by Derek Thompson.  Derek and I spoke at about 12pm EST on Wednesday.  So this interview was conducted less than three hours before the story was posted.

And that means I was a part of two stories at the Atlantic on Wednesday.

But that was just yesterday.  Today is another day, and as far as I know there will not be a story on Thursday with my name in it at the Atlantic.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t hear my thoughts on sports and economics (if that’s what you wanted to do today :)

– DJ

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