Karl Watch: February 5th versus the Milwaukee Bucks

With sincere apologies, I realize I failed (for the first time) to link PopcornMachine.net! As always, it would be impossible to analyze George Karl’s insane coaching without their wonderful insight.


An 8 point win and I’m red with rage examining the box score. Given the Nuggets recent success people will say that George Karl is finally leading a young squad to their potential. Savvy fans will recognize that Karl is coaching with all of the skill of a blindfolded monkey picking stocks…while drunk.



It should be noted that despite winning by 8, the Nuggets did not once hold a lead until roughly 5 minutes left in the 4th. Let’s also point out that in the 4th that Danilo Gallinari scored 8 points on an amazing 76.9% True Shooting Percent. Ty Lawson was even more ridiculous scoring 7 points on 93.1% True Shooting!

George Karl thinks Wilson Chandler is a big. He is playing him instead of Kenneth Faried, JaVale McGee or Kosta Koufos. And Chandler has been rebounding like a big so far this season. However, he can’t shoot! Coming into this game he had a True Shooting Percent of 45.5%. Tonight he shot an abysmal 29.5%! Karl is replacing bigs (both Koufos and McGee are 7 feet tall!) with a smaller player that can rebound like a big and can’t shoot worth a damn! Why? It’s not as if Chandler stretches the floor. Rather, he just takes worse shots at a worse rate.

And, as I’ve mentioned, Karl is in love with a small-ball lineup. Despite having Gallinari, Faried, Koufos and McGee, he insists on playing up to three guards at once! This is maddening. Karl won (again, seriously this is luck!) by two players playing at an insane clip in the fourth. The strategy of “Shoot over 80%” is not a good one. The Nuggets are winning in spite of Karl and I get to keep saying that. I enjoy winning but when it’s a result of luck I don’t feel good. Because I know luck is fickle and if it fades we’re left with a crazy coach that isn’t fit to be at the helm.


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