Karl Watch: February 9th 2012 at Cleveland


It’s not dead yet!

An 8 point win and an unhappy Dre? Well, these posts do have some amount of repetition to them. Let’s get started shall we?

Again, these posts are IMPOSSIBLE without the amazing work of PopcornMachine.net, Seriously one of the best stat sites on the web.
Karl Watch Denver at Cleveland

Alright, again, Chandler is not Faried. Not even close. The one potential argument is that Chandler can shoot from three. Except, he completely erases this by shooting terribly regardless! Tonight was no different. Even ignoring a half court buzzer heave, He shot 2-5 and a 51.7% True Shooting (again, if we erase a shot), which still puts him below average for a shooting guard. Yet Karl is playing him as a power forward, or maybe a center?

JaVale McGee and Kosta Koufos had terrific games. Combined, they played 34.5 minutes. To clarify, Andre Iguodala played more minutes than two seven foot centers playing well COMBINED! Now, Koufos did get into foul trouble, but if Karl isn’t going to play him at all in the 4th, why bother pulling him? He actually started the 4th with McGee but still pulled him for the end of the game. And we can’t even argue “he was just playing scrubs” to end the game as he ended the game with four of his starters.

I don’t mind playing Andre Miller the entire fourth (except that he was played next to Lawson and Iguodala) but that said, it raises an eyebrow. Karl is limiting Koufos and McGee’s minutes. Yet, he is fine running out a 36 year old for the entire fourth. I just don’t buy any claim that Karl is limiting other players minutes for wise reasons when he does stuff like this.

The Nuggets have won 9 straight. And something I’ve learned is that people ignore the details in win streaks. And that runs right into my final point.

The Nuggets play a Rondo-less Celtics tomorrow. I’m kind of sad because I’m going to predict a combination of Karl’s bad rotations, the game being away, and the game being a back to back will help extend Boston’s win streak. This means I’ll have to hear how Boston is a good team without Rondo. Sigh. Stay tuned!


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