How to Guard Kobe

I was asked on Quora to answer a question guarding Kobe Bryant on Quora. Having no personal experience, I turned to the number and produced the following answer.

Read Quote of Andres Alvarez’s answer to NBA: What is it like to guard Kobe Bryant? on Quora

Bonus Content!

Given my extreme respect for Chris Yeh, and his extreme fandom for the Lakers, it’s fair to say I’ve talked a lot about Kobe. I have a slightly different view on sports. As anyone who reads my Karl watches can attest, I am less pleased by results than I am by good decisions. Kobe Bryant is a maddening player by that metric. The data fully supports that Kobe is a monster athlete with a breadth of talent. Yet, looking over his numbers, I just can’t help but wonder, how good could he have been? Yes, he’ll go down as a top shooting guard, and that’s even by the grounded realistic statheads. But, the “Like Mike” comparisons could have been more realistic if Kobe had played a little smarter. And if I were a Kobe fan, I would actually be upset by that thought.


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