Boxscore Watch: Karl, Kobe and Thunderous Rebounding

Shocker: Karl is still a bad coach!

I almost didn’t have it in me to do this post. There’s only so much disapointment a fan can take. Co-Editor Devin Dignam — a Toronto Raptors…observer (he’s said he is dropping the fan label after the Calderon trade) — told me to go ahead with it. Alright, so let’s examine the insanity of George Karl yet again!



Let’s add some context. The Nuggets were missing Andre Iguodala, Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler tonight. After a mere five minutes of play, the Nuggets also lost JaVale McGee to injury. If we look at the normal minutes these players play we have:

There’s already a bit of head scratching as to why these players (except for Chandler) aren’t getting more minutes. But onto a very ugly chart.

As always, this fan venting was made possible by a generous data contribution by PopcornMachine.neta must for any boxscore geek.

Karl Watch - February 12th 2013

Reminder to fans: The NBA Geek lets you see Wins Produced for all players!

Karl’s rotations were ugly and my Karl watch chart matches that. Let’s also make following note: you’d think losing McGee might convince Karl to play Koufos in the 4th. Nope! Karl would rather play Anthony Randolph, who he yanked after 3 bad shots his last appearance, instead of Koufos. Koufos has the 4th most wins on the team, behind Kenneth Faried, Andre Iguodala, and Danilo Gallinari, and is the 2nd best per-minute player behind Faried. What the heck?


Based on the four player Karl lost above he had to make up roughly 100 minutes. Let’s see how he did this:

Koufos and Faried are Karl’s two best players. Short handed, he played them a combined one minute less than normal! This makes no sense. Karl would rather play a virtually new roster of players that he hasn’t considered good enough to give minutes to all season!

I will say, Randolph actually looked promising. You know what though? Brewer looked terrible, as he has his entire career. Do I think this game will convince Karl to play Randolph more and Brewer less? Heck no! The injury gods tried to force Karl to actually give Faried and Koufos more minutes. Karl’s response was to just pick randomly from his bench. I summed this up to Devin on twitter

Nuggets – (Iguodala + Gallinari + McGee) + George Karl = Toronto Raptors

Sorry Nuggets fans!

Kobe Bryant?

As a boxscore peruser, here’s another funny thing I noticed tonight.

That’s right! You can use for non-Nuggets game too!

Kobe  Bryant

Kobe is averaging 21 shots a game. Tonight the game was almost 30 minutes over before Kobe recorded his first attempt! He did manage to finish the game with 8 total shots. It was not Kobe’s best showing (He shot 1-8 and also racked up 8 turnovers), but given that the opponent was the Suns it didn’t matter.

Rebounding Matters?

The Thunder lost to the Jazz. This is probably not good for the Nuggets as it seems more likely the Jazz could catch the Nuggets than the Nuggets can catch the Thunder. One thing stood out: seeing this loss I was prepared to point my finger at Westbrook for just chucking the ball a lot. I was disappointed. Let’s take a quick look at the box score through my eyes.

Boxscore via

Thunder Loss


That’s probably a little hard to read (reading the box score in-depth is not actually made to be easy or fun), but here’s what we see: Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, the Thunder’s major shooters, shot a lot and shot well. How did the Thunder lose? Well the Jazz pulled down 12 more boards and beat the Thunder on Turnovers by 2. What’s more, the Thunder were able to block well, but not able to rebound that well. Blocks are good, because they keep the shot from getting to the rim. Except, if you don’t get the ball back, your opponent gets another shot. So, despite shooting a ridiculous 60.2% True Shooting Percentage, the Thunder lost to the Jazz because the Jazz got 19 more shots and that was mostly thanks to rebounding!

Summing Up

Karl’s terrible. Kobe was confusing. Shooting well wins game but only if you keep the ball. Sleep tight!


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