Trading the wrong Brewer


The last day of the trade deadline and Brewer is traded? Thank goodness, now Karl has no option to play Corey. Oh wait, the Knicks traded Ronnie Brewer? Are you kidding me! Here’s a link to his a career stats at the NBA Geek. And here’s a quick recap of Brewer’s career

  •  Twice as good as average as a rookie
  • As a sophomore three times as good as average 
  • Twice as good as average in third year
  • In fourth year, twice as good as average.
  • Twice as good as average in fifth year.
  • In sixth year, twice as good as average.
  • Average this year

Notice how that phrase “twice as good as average” pops up a lot? Yeah, that’s Ronnie Brewer. This year he’s been average. “Aha!” you say. He’s degrading and the Knicks are trading him before his value is gone. Not so fast.

You see, when we started in New York, Brewer was getting minutes. After December 13th in a win against the Lakers, where Brewer played 26 minutes, he hasn’t been shown more than two quarters of playing time by the Knicks. How did Brewer do up until December 13th. Wait for it…. twice as good as average.

Brewer hasn’t been getting minutes, which is a mistake. He’s also dirt cheap at a million for the year. The Knicks got back a second round pick. I’ll make a bet. Odds are that second round pick doesn’t play average or above in their rookie contract.

Finally, the Knicks don’t have a bunch of guards just waiting to replace Brewer. Yes, Jason Kidd is awesome and can play either guard spot. Of course, his health is a concern. Felton has been terrible. James White has been terrible in limited minutes. Pablo Prigioni has shown promise in limited minutes but of course, that’s in limited minutes. Both Iman Shumpert and J.R. Smith are half as good as Ronnie Brewer on a per minute basis, and that’s after his numbers slumped when he stopped seeing the court.

The Knicks have a few good guards but not much behind them. They chose not to play Brewer and now to trade him. He’s young (only 27), has been twice as good as average most of his career, and very cheap. To trade him to a contender to save a little money and get a weak draft pick? Well, that looks more like the Knicks of old than the ones leading the division this season.

By the way, the areas Ronnie Brewer excels are not in points per game. He’s excellent at rebounding, not turning the ball over, and getting the ball. The Knicks have actually slumped on defense this season, so we could argue more Brewer is something that would help. The one shining spot is that the Thunder are pretty stacked at the two-guard, so it’s not like Brewer will make them that much better.


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