The Wages of Wins Network invades the Sloan Analytics Conference

Last year I attended Sloan. This year the Wages of Wins network is going to double our efforts and send out two analysts! That’s right, Arturo and myself will both be heading out to Boston. To prove our sports cred, we’ll also be hitting up a Celtics game while we’re in town (Friday March 1st against the Golden State Warriors, for anyone else interested). And thanks to the awesome work of Jeremy, we’ll be dressed for the occasion.

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Make sure you’re following @ArturoGalletti and @NerdNumbers if you want real time updates. We’ll try to make sure to add blog posts while there as well. We’re still planning out our itinerary of which talks to attend. With two of us, we’ll be able to handle some of the conflicts of awesome talks going on at the same time. I’ll throw out some of the panels I want to attend. If you have specific ones you want us in the audience for, let us know.


Full list here. Below are the panels I’m interested in attending. The ones in bold are those I really really want to go to.

  • Basketball Analytics
  • Beyond Crunching Numbers: How to Have Influence
  • Beyond Reason: Sports Labor Negotiations
  • Big Data: Lessons from Sports – Presented by HP Vertica
  • Data Visualization
  • Evolution of the Draft: Lessons from Fantasy
  • Fanalytics – Presented by Precision Market Insights from Verizon
  • Hall of Fame Analytics
  • It’s Not You, It’s Me
  • Lance, Doping and You: The Power (and Peril) of Win-at-all-Costs Culture
  • Monday Morning Quarterback : Coaching & In-Game Decisions
  • Predictive Sports Betting Analytics
  • Revenge of the Nerds
  • Staying on the Field: Injury Analytics
  • True Performance & the Science of Randomness
  • XY Panel: The Revolution in Visual Tracking – Presented by Sportvision

Research Papers

Full list here

  • Acceleration in the NBA: Towards an Algorithmic Taxonomy of Basketball Plays
  • Going for Three: Predicting the Likelihood of Field Goal Success with Logistic Regression (Football)
  • To Crash or Not to Crash: A quantitative look at the relationship between offensive rebounding and transition defense in the NBA.
  • Live by the Three, Die by the Three? The Price of Risk in the NBA
  • The Dwight Effect: A New Ensemble of Interior Defense Analytics for the NBA

Evolution of Sport

Full list here

  • Beyond the Kiss-Cam: Measuring the Fan with Computer Vision Based Analytics
  • How Analytics and Big Data are Impacting the Evolution of Fan Experience
  • Interactive Data Visualizations: The Next Step in Deconstructing the Rebound
  • The Science of Team Chemistry: Measuring Team Chemistry from Human Biology in Basketball and Soccer
  • Your Personal Fantasy Sports Reporter

We’ll try to give you an updated set when we get closer. Although, wow! It’s only 4 days away now. If you’re hitting up Sloan and want to meet the Wages of Wins crew, let us know. And if there are particular panels you want us to see, or ones not listed here that you think we should see, tell us!



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