Would playing Jeremy Evans be a slam dunk?

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Prior to tonight, Jeremy Evans — former slam dunk champion — had played two games this season where he was on the court for at least 20 minutes. Against Toronto on December 7 he played 23 minutes and scored 10 points (shooting 2 of 2 from the field) and grabbed 5 rebounds (good for a SF). On March 1st, he played 26 minutes against the Charlotte Bobcats and scored 14 points (on 6-8 of shooting¬†from the field) and grabbed 9 rebounds (great for a SF).

Tonight — against the Pistons — he played 24 minutes and scored 8 points (on 3-4 shooting), grabbed 7 rebounds, dished 5 assists, and blocked 2 shots.

Yes, this is three games against bad teams. But the Jazz have played more than 3 bad teams this year (we know this because there must be more than 3 “bad” teams in a 30 team league). So why doesn’t Jeremy Evans get more playing time?

Jeremy Evans’ career numbers via the NBA Geek

In his first season Evans posted numbers three times better than an average small forward. In his sophomore season, where he also was deemed dunk king, he posted numbers four times better than an average small forward. He’s “slumping” a bit this season and playing a little worse than three times better than the average forward.

Evans — on a per-minutes basis — is an All-Star. But he has yet to play 1,000 minutes in his career. It’s a bit curious that teams are content to wait for players to realize their potential (still waiting on Andrea Bargnani, we hear it will be any day now) but are reluctant to play players that have performed well more minutes. It is true the Jazz are actually pretty stocked at the forward positions. However, with the real possibility that Paul Millsap may be leaving soon, it’s worth asking if Jeremy Evans is worth a closer look.


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