A Short Post: NBA Rankings 3/14/13

I know, I know, I’ve been AWOL.

Life happens. It’s still happening by the way. My life has been workshops, capital plans and executive pitches since I got back from Sloan.

I’ve actually generated three possible patents, $4 million in possible projects, come up with a $20 million capital plan and fixed a three major pieces of capital equipment (in dress pants in between presentations). All in the last four days.

So today we go short and sweet.

Rankings , the executive pitch version so of course we lead with the money shot.


And we follow with the table form.


The blurbs?

  • Miami and OKC are back on top.
  • San Antonio really misses their Point Guard.
  • The Clippers are really glad to have their Point Guard Back.
  • Rudy Gay? Not a star or a max guy.
  • The Pacers are perfectly set up to earn their playoff bones and nobly lose to the Heat in the ECF.
  • No one should want to see the Rockets in the Playoffs.
  • Everyone should want to see the Jazz.
  • The Knicks took a gamble and lost apparently.
  • Karl and the Nuggets blowing a playoff series by not playing a center for a whole 4th Quarter against Memphis? It’s fate.

Let’s give you the simulation as well:


Miami is still flirting with history. Teams that win 65 plus games have an awesome playoff track record.

Of course we close with the summary:


The East is booked solid with only the seeding in play.The West of course is way more interesting.

I expect:

  • The Thunder and Spurs to play a chess game around opponents, injury and rest for the 1 seed (with Popp somehow getting rest, homecourt and the Jazz in round 1).
  • The Clipps to get the 3, Denver the 4, Memphis the 5 and Dre writing a 10,000 word attack on George Karl after he blows this series.
  • Houston to get the 6 and LA and Utah the 7 and 8.  The biggest xfactor is Bogut. If he’s healthy, kick Utah out and prepare for all out war in round 1 in the west. Seriously, there would be no bad series in that western first round.


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