Yeh Points: Magic Johnson’s amazing high school title game

Chris Yeh was kind enough to send along this amazing YouTube video of the “Greek God of Advanced Stats” of basketball. Even in high school, Magic Johnson was amazing. I couldn’t find an exact boxscore for Magic but from some searching, it appears Magic scored 34 points and pulled down 14 boards. The footage also shows that Magic was indeed dishing the ball as well. Magic’s team apparently won 62-56. That means Magic earned over half the points on his own, as well as doing everything else! Of course, we’d have to wait three years before he’d do the same thing in the NBA!

Fun note: the best page I found for extra information about this footage was from a blog by Shawn Fury. However, this not the same Shawn Fury (now Shawn Furyan), a long time Wages of Wins reader and contributor and also a former winner of the Winscore Fantasy League!)

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