Wages of Wins Podcast – Eric Weiss on a different type of advanced stat.

Andre Drummond Detroit

Another week, another Wages of Wins podcast! We have a plethora of ways for you to hear us.

Eric Weiss (@EricWeiss_SA) of Sports Aptitude stopped by to discuss a different type of advanced stat. Eric actually works using player psychology and behavioral science to help NBA teams help player development.

A player’s environment can dramatically alter performance. Eric points out that the first several years of a player’s career are key to success (and the data agrees)! Teams don’t spend as much time focusing on setting up an environment to ensure every player succeeds. Figuring out a player’s personality and how to set up a good environment for them to learn the right way could be key to success (maybe one team knows this already). Eric points out that this is hardly novel for the business world. However, it’s a relatively new field in the NBA.

Of course, this subject would not be complete without lots of talk about Carmelo Anthony and Andre Drummond and how our initial assessment could be so off! So tune in and learn how the landscape of player development could be changing in the NBA.


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