Stumbling on Stumbling on Wins

stumbling on wins

Today on TrueHoop TV, Henry Abbott and David Thorpe talked about Trey Burke. At the 3:23 mark, Henry held up a familiar book.

Henry’s point — which was noted in Stumbling on Wins — was that Trey Burke will surely be drafted earlier in the draft simply because he played on a team (Michigan) that made the NCAA Final Four. A point that, it should be noted, was completely ignored by David Thorpe, who proceeded to say that he thinks that Trey Burke could end up being the #1 pick.

To quote a surprised Abbott: “Ohhhhhhhhh!”

Now, Burke may end up being a good NBA player — after all, he ranked 25th in NCAA Wins Produced this year — but there’s no doubt that he’ll end up getting drafted higher than he would have had Michigan lost in the first round.

Want to know where Burke should be drafted? We’ll have plenty of NBA draft coverage and prospect rankings as the draft approaches, so keep checking back!

– Devin

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