Someone else telling the story about the underpaid in the NBA


About two weeks ago, Dave Berri noted the following:

Once upon a time, I wrote virtually every story at The Wages of Wins Journal. During the NBA season, many of these tales began with the Wins Produced numbers of a particular NBA team. Since apparently I was the only one who fully understood how to calculate Wins Produced (although I thought the steps were clearly explained in The Wages of Wins), I was the only person who could write these stories.

And then along came Patrick Minton. Once Patrick put together – which reports every player’s Wins Produced throughout the season – no one had to wait for me to report on their favorite team. If you wanted to know the productivity of a specific player, all you had to do was look at Patrick’s website. With such a brilliant website, who needs me? Well, one group that still seemed to need me (at least, once in a while) was journalists.

Dave then went on to note that Tom Van Riper of wrote an article about the NBA’s most overpaid players without Dave’s help. The article generated quite a bit of discussion, including a video of Stephen Jackson responding to the charge that he is overpaid. Less than a week later, Jackson was waived by the Spurs so they could sign Tracy McGrady, who has yet to play a single NBA minute this year.

Now Tom has written an article about the NBA’s most underpaid players. Tom’s ten players are:

Now that the regular season is over, it won’t be long before we post our own overpaid/underpaid lists. Our lists will definitely be different — we will probably include players you wouldn’t expect to show up on either list — but you may see a few of these players being mentioned once again.

– Devin

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