NBA Playoff haikus

Crow on a snowy Plum Branch

Most of Dre’s latest Karl Watch post (still very relevant after last night’s Nuggets’ loss, I might add) is a haiku:

If centers don’t play
Then your coach is very bad
No title for you

In the comments, reader Robert responded with a haiku of his own:

It’s hard to win games
With no centers on the floor
Koufos and McGee

Here are two from me:

Westbrook is injured
But the Thunder are still good
Can they beat the Heat?

The Celtics are old
The Knicks are even older
But the Knicks will win

Have any NBA Playoff haikus of your own? Add them to this post in the comments below. Feel free to submit more than one! We’ll add our favourites to various relevant posts throughout the playoffs.

– Devin

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