The All-Scoring Rookie teams?


Where are the mirrors?


Over at The NBA Update, Arthur North has written an excellent post about the voting for the All-Rookie teams. As Arthur notes:

The 1st team is comprised of the 5 highest scoring rookies in the league, and the 2nd team has the 6, 7, 8, 12, and 13th highest scorers. For a sport where the majority of its fans like to claim that “scoring isn’t everything” or “defense wins championships,” they certainly forget those sayings when it comes to discussing the game’s best players.

This is not an unexpected development; per game scoring has dominated player evaluation among basketball decision-makers, scouts, coaches, and fans for decades. This year, as is often the case, the rookie of the year award went the rookie with the highest per-game scoring average, even though there were more deserving candidates. And the voting was unanimous!

It would be nice to see some progress on this issue. But when Dion Waiters (21 first team votes and 50 points) is given such a comfortable lead over Andre Drummond (10 first team votes and 35 points) for the All-Rookie first team, it’s very easy to feel like the NBA award process is stuck in the 1940s. After all, thanks to The NBA Geek, it really is quite easy to determine which of these two players is more productive!

– Devin

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