Wages of Wins Playoff Contest: Conference Finals

The Wages of Wins Playoffs prediction contest continues. With three of four second round series completed, here are the leaders:

  •  Kevin Draper (67)
  • @sprtsmkktgprof (65)
  • Ivica (64)
  • edblaney33 (63)
  • adityad (58)
  • Kama45 (56)
  • jared.ladbury (55)
  • errr (55)
  • Johnny6 (55)
  • smamerow (54)

Our top five participants are starting to pull away from the field. Do you think you can catch them?

Make your Conference Final selections below, but hurry! You only have until 3:30pm EST on Sunday, May 19th to make your picks!

[Editor’s note: the form is now closed]

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