Final second round contest scores

woodson anthony felton

“Now you see boys…the ball…is supposed to go IN the basket.”


The Wages of Wins Playoffs prediction contest continues. Now that the Indiana Pacers beat the New York Knicks in six games, the second round is complete! Here are the leaders after two rounds:

  • Kevin Draper (74)
  • Ivica (71)
  • edblaney33 (70)
  • @sprtsmkktgprof (65)
  • jared.ladbury (62)
  • err (60)
  • Joshua Perry (60)
  • Devin Dignam (60) [Editor’s note: how did this happen? I thought I was way behind!]
  • smamerow (59)
  • 7 others with 58

Make your Conference Finals selections below, but hurry! You only have until 3:30pm EST TODAY to make your picks!

[Editor’s note: the form is now closed.]

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