Helen of Akron or St. Croix?

Yes, my titles are rapidly devolving. I'd like to see you

Yes, my Helen titles are rapidly devolving. I don’t have much to work with here, people!


Our contest participants continued their improved performance with their Conference Finals selections (and we’ll have more on that at the end of the playoffs). How will they fare in the NBA Finals? In graphical form, here are the entries for the fourth and final round of the Wages of Wins NBA Playoffs contest:

wow_contest_finalsThere was an almost 60-40 split for this series, with participants favouring the home team, the Miami Heat. The most selected option was Miami in 6 (32%), followed by San Antonio in 6 (28%) and Miami in 7 (18%). The Heat lost game one, thanks in large part to a very difficult (and timely) shot by Tony Parker:


GIF courtesy of @HeyBelinda


Can the Heat regain homecourt advantage and make us look good? We’ll know the answer in less than two weeks!

Reminder: once the Finals are over, not only will we review how all of our participants fared throughout the contest, we’ll also be crowning our own Wages of Wins playoffs contest Champion. Stay tuned!

– Devin