Wages of Wins Podcast: Free Agency

Alright, sad news. Google+’s amazing Hangouts only recorded 1/3 of the podcast. Congrats to those of you that caught it live! I’ve still uploaded the audio for those of you that prefer podcasts:

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Also, as I mentioned, I designed a must-have shirt for pop-culturists. And I’m also in the neighborhood for a new microphone (affordable! < $100), to help make the podcast quality better (thanks Kevin Draper!), so any suggestions are welcome.

Vivek and Dre are back for another Wages of Wins Podcast. On the docket? All the insanity already happening in NBA Free Agency. Of course we’ll hit:

  • Brooklyn Nets trade their future for a prayer of the past from Boston
  • Andrea Bargnani gives Melo another scorer.
  • The Nuggets gift Hollinger a big.

Tune in live, or listen later!


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