The NBA Geek Talks Tanking

I assume you all know that Patrick Minton is back and the NBA Geek is up and running at full speed. If you lost your RSS feeds when Google Reader went down, this is your alert to head on over to and check out Patrick’s recent work!

Duncan Wallace

Patrick Minton (@nbageek) was recently featured with Marc Daniels on the Beat of Sports to talk a favorite subject: tanking! You can read Patrick’s thoughts on the matter here. In the interview Patrick recalls with an amazing memory a ton of the work he’s done on tanking.

Patrick’s point has always been simple – the cost of losing games and the cost of avoiding the playoffs doesn’t justify the “reward” of a small chance of a good player. Patrick also brings up that in parallel worlds we aren’t praising the Thunder and Spurs for tanking, and rather watching as Tim Duncan and Kevin Durant help Boston (who was a bigger favorite in both cases) do well. And Patrick also points out that the dreaded “middling team” that was Houston is now an early contender for the title. Who says conventional wisdom is right?

Solving Tanking

Patrick discusses ways to curb tanking. One of the issues is that the rules should already do this! Teams just don’t realize how bad the strategy is. Of course, relegation like European soccer might work. But, as Patrick remarks, that’ll never happen.

It’s a great listen, so head on over and let Patrick enlighten you on why tanking doesn’t make sense.



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