The State of the NBA: Interactive Team Roster for 2013-14


Editor Dre’s Notes

Los Angeles is going to be terrible!

My Kobe hatred is well known. The Lakers have kept the Nuggets from advancing in the playoffs multiple times. It makes me giddy to see them struggle. The only sad spot for me is that Chris Yeh is a fan and he deserves better!

Milwaukee is well run

This blog was started by an economist. While a 46 win team is nothing to get super excited about, Milwaukee fans should be happy that their cost per win is projected to be best in the league. On that note.

The Lakers, Knicks, and Nets are burning money!

According to Arturo, fans of these teams shouldn’t expect a lot of wins. They also shouldn’t expect to see a good return on investment. These teams all have horrible spending, well if the goal of spending was winning.

The West is pretty stacked

Arturo’s got the top four teams in the league projected as western teams. A year like 2008, where a 55 win Suns was the bottom seed in the first round, is very possible.

-Arturo, notes from Dre

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