Scientific American on PED testing


In light of the MLB PED scandal involving Alex Rodriguez — as well as 12 other MLB players — Scientific American has posted a brief podcast about the futility of the War on PEDs.

The key quote from sportswriter and former journalism professor Justice B. Hill:

The science will always stay ahead of the detection. I did an interview recently with a bioethicist from Case Western Reserve University. And one of the things he advocates is, let players use whatever they want to under a doctor’s supervision. Because he understands—I did a piece years ago where I was talking to one of the foremost authorities on PEDs, and one of the things he said was we’re going to get into gene cloning.

Sound familiar?

Drug testing will always lag behind doping. The IOC apparently knows this too, as they have already started to focus more on “intelligence and information” than actual testing.

The tide is turning on the regular War on Drugs. How long will it take before opinion turns against anti-doping policies as well?

– Devin

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